Yay, You're Here! 

 Welcome & Welcome BACK!  I am so happy you chose to sign up and very much looking forward to this next session. Everything you need to know should be below.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a shout :) 


A Welcome Note From Meg:

     For those of you who have taken lessons from me before - I would invite you to come in as if for the first time, with new eyes and ears; an open mind and heart and hopefully - wanting to have a ton of fun! And for those of you who are coming into these classes for the first time, I would invite you to do the exact same thing!  I will share up front that I am not going to focus on product in this class… What's exciting about that is, you get to make and do whatever feels GOOD for YOU. There are no rules as far as what you leave with.  I will however, be here to facilitate and teach you the physical skills of creating pottery as well as the act of being at the wheel with mindfulness. 


This Session's Dates:

  • TUES 7-9pm, May 21 - July 2 (Get Grounded in Clay)

  • WED 7-9pm, May 22 - July 3 (Get Grounded in Clay)

<<<<Open Studio at the Dog Paw Studio is EXCLUSIVELY for STUDENTS…don’t you feel special? ;) >>>>

OPEN STUDIO - these are to enable more time in the studio for practice… :) Often hosted by senior students - there is no meditation but you are welcome in for the same 2 hour time period. (Please use all the same common sense and standards when looking at the clock and for clean up!)





Dog Paw Pottery Studio is located at my home:

118 Duke St., Thunder Bay, ON. P7A 5T1 (Down the hill from the old Hillcrest Highschool) 

**PLEASE NOTE: Because this is HOME STUDIO, I appreciate when students come ONLY 10-15 minutes early & take care to have your studio space cleaned up before class end. Thank-you so much** 

PARKING: Feel free to park up to 4 cars in our driveway.  While we do not have calendar parking, You can only legally park on the WEST side of Duke St. ~Help Me by keeping my neighbours HAPPY!~


What to Bring: (and TAKE HOME with you every week ;))

> Old Towel/Rag (ONE small ONE large) - **ESSENTIAL** This WILL make your life a little easier especially when cleaning up (or drying off)

> SHOES - your pottery shoes will probably get a bit grubby.  I suggest wearing your grubby shoes right in as we leave our shoes on in the studio!  (other than in the meditation room) 

> Clothes that can get messy - slingin' mud is messy business! Clay will wash out of your clothing, so no real permanent worries but - its nice to feel free with the mess!

> Optional - Apron - again - this just helps keep you worry free and a little cleaner on the other side.  I always wear mine and also usually have a few extras kicking around! 

> PLEASE READ THIS... :) An Open and light hearted attitude - There is no doubt that you will come out of this class with some beautiful pots and tons more skill than when you came in… but if you so choose, you can leave with much more than that! 

Typical Class Schedule

**we begin each class with a short mindfulness practice so come in relax and enjoy**


Week 1 - "Intro/ReIntro to Throwing"

Week 2 - "Intro/ReIntro to Trimming + Making More Pots"

Week 3 - "Making More Pots"

Week 4 - "Making More Pots"

Week 5 - "Making More Pots"

Week 6 - "Final Trimming/Decorating and sometimes Hand-building" 

Week 7 - "Glazing Your Pots" 


    **I like to run my classes so that all levels of folks are learning together.  This way, we can help to inform each other but also, because of this, no one has to proclaim to be any ONE thing...whether this is your first time EVER touching clay, or you took ceramics in University - You can find value in this class**