Looking for some extra studio time? Wanting some one-on-one support?


So! You want to spend more time with me???

This is for you if...

  • You are a current or past student

  • You are looking for more studio time and practicing repeating certain forms

  • You are wanting more directed, one-on-one feedback for your pottery practice


why I call it “Ride-along”…

Most days I am in the studio, I am working on some of my standards (mugs of all sizes, bowls of all sizes, plates of all sizes). If you come in to work with me, we can make these things together, you on your wheel and me on mine! You can choose which item you would like to focus on and then I can support you in all the regular ways while giving more repeated, one-on-one instruction.



The details:

Who: Current or Past Students

How many: 1-2 people

How Long: 2 hrs

when: a Date we decide :)

Cost: $50/single OR $40/person for 2