Meet Meg


The Short Story...

I was in NJ one spring, doing a super rad course in tracking and people kept asking me: 'What do you do?'.  Now I know this is a means by which we all get to know each other but when you are in between jobs (or life PATHS!), its very complicated to answer this seemingly easy question.  HOWEVER, one day a soon-to-be-friend turned to me at lunch and asked me just that...before I knew what was coming - I blurted out: 'I'm a potter!'.  The funny thing was this point in time, circa 2011, I was not yet a potter...I was actually only a student and even that had only been for a little over a year.  And yet, as soon as I arrived back on Northwestern Ontario soil, I jumped in…FACE first!!! ha.




Wow...its been over 2 years friends...incredible. Thank you to those who have been journeying with me <3 <3 <3